From Childhood to Adult…

Being born in the 80s, I grew up loving video games. I can remember receiving my first console. That year, on Christmas two things happened to me: One, that Santa Claus didn’t exist and the second, I got a Sega Master System instead of the NES that I asked for because it was on sale lol. However, shortly after, I fell in love with the system and a few years later I received the Sega Genesis on Christmas as well (even though I asked for the SNES). My mom’s rationale was that my neighbors and my cousin had the Nintendo line of systems so I can just go over there and play them. Fair enough.

Even though I grew up as Sega kid (was blessed to have the Sega Channel), I loved all of the consoles that I was exposed to. As I got older, I retained all of my consoles and games and collected some of the ones that I never had the chance to own as a child.

The Purpose

Obviously, with the explosion of the retro scene many years back, and many of us know that the authenticity issue has plagued many cartridge-based games in recent times. Buyers, collectors, enthusiasts, etc. who want to acquire these games want to make sure that they are genuine. While doing a Google image, reddit, forum and/or other site searches are fine, I wanted to go to a site where I can do a quick search and see the PCB board for authentication. Nothing too technical, nothing too “review-ish”…just straight to the point. I decided to create such a site and start off by using my small collection as ground zero.

I hope that this provides some insight and streamlines the search process a little bit better. I don’t really expect much to come from this and/or I don’t know where this website will go in the future. But all in all, at the heart and very least, this is a fun little hobby project for escapism.

About Me

My name is Damenicos Eaton. My grandparents ended up with 10 children and my grandmother named all of the grandsons with the letter “D”. Unfortunately, my mom ended up misspelling what the original name at birth. Shocker. With that being said, it’s a unique and yet, hard name to pronounce. The way how my family pronounce it versus the way how it’s phonetically sounds are very different.

In elementary school, I ended being called “Doritos”, “Dominos”, and “Dominican Republic”. Looking back, it is pretty funny to see what kids can come up with. By the time I reached 4th grade, I decided to go back “Nicos” (the last five letters) to make things easier for everyone. Even that is a problem til this day because people tend to leave off the “s” and refer to me in the same vein as the raccoon from the Disney Pocahontas movie. It’s all good.

I was born and raised in the Commonwealth of Virginia and I am a father of two beautiful, screaming, needy toddler boys =). I work in the I.T. field as a systems engineer (whatever that means) and I spend majority of my time coding in PowerShell. If you have suggestions, comments (good and back are welcome), feedback…just anything, hit me up.

A Quick Note

As I stated, I have been in Virginia my whole life. With Sherlock Holmes deduction skills, that should lead you to the notion that almost all of the games that I have listed are North America Based or NTSC. It’s not that I don’t have love for Europe (been there), Asia (been there), Australia (want to go), and Brazil (want to), that’s what I have. Just a FYI…

A Shoutout

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